Case Study: Strengthening Communications for the Hazen Foundation

Case Study



The Hazen Foundation’s innovative work in structural inclusion and self-determination has put their grantees front and center. The Minerva|Sequence team approached planning with this rich history in mind, developing communications strategies that centered grantees and their stories. 

Communications Plan: After in-depth interviews with Hazen Foundation staff, board, and grantees, Sequence Strategies leveraged insights to lead development of a comprehensive communications plan for 2022. The Minerva|Sequence plan included a path for establishing a digital content cadence; pursuing earned media to amplify grantee issues; and developing Hazen Foundation leadership voices to augment these efforts.

Strategic Counsel: Sequence Strategies provided senior-level, weekly communications counsel along with the Minerva Strategies team. From the latest news to emerging grantee needs, we helped the Hazen Foundation think through proactive and reactive communications strategies.

Editorial Calendar: While the Hazen Foundation and grantees were doing great work, they needed more content that showcased it. To support them, Sequence Strategies developed internal communications infrastructure—an editorial calendar with comprehensive channel planning across traditional and social media.


Message Framework: Sequence Strategies led development of a message framework—a rubric including core audiences and narratives about the Hazen Foundation’s advocacy, legacy, and spend down. For each narrative, the Minerva|Sequence team crafted message points to embed in remarks, articles, and digital communications. 

Social Media Content: To streamline efforts, Sequence Strategies established protocols for foundation staff to review, revise, and approve digital content each week. These drafts lived in the editorial calendar on a collaborative website, ensuring seamless access and editing in real-time.

Website Refresh: To improve the foundation’s website, the Minerva|Sequence team matched copy with new messaging, bolstered SEO (search engine optimization), boosted security, and updated visuals and navigation to optimize user experience.  


The Hazen Foundation is driving important conversations about the issues grantees care about most. Aligned messaging and a refreshed digital presence provide the foundation powerful tools to share their unique history, impact, and legacy to current stakeholders and new audiences alike.

Digital Channel Assessment: Good communications mean meeting audiences where they are. The Minerva|Sequence team assessed the Hazen Foundation’s digital ecosystem, finding more opportunities to engage on growing social networks like LinkedIn than fading ones like Facebook. This boosted engagement on prioritized platforms, leading to more follows and content shares.  

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