Sequence Summaries: PR Expectations, Fighting Disinformation, and Search Engine Disruption

March 22, 2023 Clients Expect More from PR As the media landscape fragments and brand trust continues to fade, organizations and executives want more from PR professionals. Clients need counsel to help them navigate complex multichannel approaches as audiences look beyond traditional news outlets. Increasingly, earned media coverage is no longer the gold standard—clients expectContinue reading “Sequence Summaries: PR Expectations, Fighting Disinformation, and Search Engine Disruption”

Sequence Summaries: AI Growth, Bad Bank Communications, and TikTok Scrutiny

March 16, 2023 Companies Ramp Up AI Despite Public Concern More companies are implementing generative AI (artificial intelligence) into their products and services. Salesforce recently launched Einstein GPT, an AI-powered CRM (customer relationship management) tool that drafts personalized sales emails, auto-generates code for developers, and creates content for marketers. Salesforce joins companies like Microsoft, Meta,Continue reading “Sequence Summaries: AI Growth, Bad Bank Communications, and TikTok Scrutiny”

Sequence Strategies Showcases Work in New Case Study

February 9, 2023 — Sequence Strategies released a new case study Thursday: Strengthening Communications for the Hazen Foundation. We teamed up with Minerva Strategies to strengthen communications for the Edward W. Hazen Foundation, an innovative philanthropy at the forefront of a movement centering young people in the fight for justice.  The case study showcases SequenceContinue reading “Sequence Strategies Showcases Work in New Case Study”

Sequence Strategies Celebrates Year One

January 11, 2023 — Sequence Strategies celebrated its one-year anniversary Wednesday. Over the past year, Sequence Strategies has supported work that’s made an impact in communities across the country, explaining important issues and amplifying great ideas through good communications. In addition to client services, Sequence Strategies collaborates with other consultants, agencies, and firms on communicationsContinue reading “Sequence Strategies Celebrates Year One”

Sequence Strategies Launches

January 11, 2022 — A new strategic communications and public relations consultancy opened Tuesday. Sequence Strategies empowers organizations and executives with top-notch communications strategy, execution, and evaluation. Founded by strategic communications and media consultant, Brandon Lee, the consultancy will operate remotely and service clients virtually and onsite. Sequence Strategies is a communications and public relationsContinue reading “Sequence Strategies Launches”